‘Clear the way’ – Public Works to remove all obstacles, waste from roads


Public Works Minister Juan Edghill has warned that the ministry will soon start removing all obstacles and waste materials that have been left on roadways or that are impeding developmental works.

Scrap iron, tyres and even some temporary structures can be found in various locations blocking roadways and preventing further construction.

“As of Monday, the Ministry of Public Works will begin to move derelicts, sand, stone, debris, anything that is in the path and that is encumbering the road shoulders throughout the length and breadth of Guyana,” Edghill said on Friday.

Ahead of the planned start date, the Public Works Minister encouraged residents to desist from the “lawlessness” since it prevents the free flow of traffic even in emergencies.

Though obstacles and waste on roads have been a bugbear for commuters, the Public Works Minister acknowledged that sand or other building materials may be legitimately placed on parts of roadways.

Even so, he reminded the public that temporary permits should be sought in those instances. And in cases where those materials are blocking roadways or preventing developmental works for an extended period of time, Edghill said there will be consequences.

“…when you come to claim it, the only way you will get it is if you pay us the cost to move it,” he said.

Edghill’s remarks were made at the contract signing ceremony for the forthcoming Ogle to Eccles road.

Ahead of that event, Edghill noted that police officers were called to the area the day before because residents were obstructing the construction of a plaque at the intersection of the Rupert Craig Highway and the Ogle airport road – the space where the new road is expected to begin.

Along the planned route for the road, several derelict vehicles were also observed. Edghill emphasised that any obstruction to developmental works will not be tolerated.

“We gotta do some cleaning up, we gotta do some movement, we gotta do some changes,” he said.

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