Over 60 new GDF recruits commissioned, told to be part of country’s development


The ceremonial parade for 67 new officers of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) was held on Wednesday at Camp Ayanganna. President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr Irfaan Ali, urged the new ranks to be part of Guyana’s development while assuring them that the government will continue to support their home ownership and academic pursuits.

The officers completed the Standard Officer’s and Reserve courses with four ensigns from the Guyana Police Force; two from the Guyana Fire Service and two from the Guyana Prison Service.

President Ali decorated the officers with their badges of rank following a spectacular display of drills.

The best graduating student for the Standard Officer’s Course is Second Lieutenant Delano Roberts while Second Lieutenant Marvin Richmond graduated as the best student from the Reserve Course.

The new recruits of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) (Photo: Office of the President/ July 20, 2022)

The commissioning parade on Wednesday was the culmination of rigorous preparation and training for military service.

President Ali, during his remarks, congratulated the officers and told them to be disciplined, lead by example and put their best forward. “Much is expected of you [and] much more will be demanded,” the Commander-in-Chief said.

The President also told the soldiers to learn from the mistakes of soldiers accused of wrongdoings while on duty.

“I urge you to learn from the mistakes, be the best of examples, be steadfast and strong in standing up for the principles of the Guyana Defence Force.”

Over the past two years, the GDF introduced a record number of training programmes and opportunities for officers both regionally and internationally.

President Ali said GDF has a strategic vision that is aligned with national priorities and planning to ensure sustainable development and a secure country.

In the coming years, officers can expect salaries that will reflect the dignity, honour and pride of the profession. Apart from GDF, the Fire Service, Prison Service and Police Force will also benefit from home ownership and academics.

“All we ask of you is to be true patriots and the true representation of the dignitary and honour of the uniform you have,” the Commander-in-Chief said.

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  1. Dicksonrp says

    President Ali must be cautious not to go down the treacherous road as Trinidad did. The ethnic composition is similar or same as in Trinidad. The protective services were composed of mainly African people who supported the afro PNM party in Trinidad and viewed their allegiance to PNM first and foremost. It became the most lethargic and ineffectually services in Trinidad and greatly undermined the UNC party while in opposition and more importantly, while in govt. To start to overcome this problem, the UNC encouraged a more balanced intake of officers of Info origin. Today it is reflective especially in the police services but still a long way to go with the army. Looking at those who passed out in Guyana, it seems exactly as Trinidad 30 years ago. President Ali needs to start motivation to the Info community to enlist, else face the same problem Trinidad has/had

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