President Ali leads gov’t team to Washington


President Dr Irfaan Ali and a delegation including Vice President, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hugh Todd and Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud departed Guyana for Washington on Sunday for a series of high-level engagements.

At the invitation of the US Government, the delegation will meet with high-ranking US Government officials, including the Secretary of State and leaders of Congress and the Senate, to discuss a range of issues to further deepen bilateral relations between Guyana and the United States.

President Ali will also be a guest speaker at several events hosted by the Atlantic Council and will meet with US business leaders. He has also been invited to speak at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Council of the Americas roundtable, among other events.

The President and his delegation are also expected to meet with Guyanese living in Washington. (Office of the President release)

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  1. Dicksonrp says

    Very bad move. President Ali has not been learning about the US behavior. He is leading Guyana head first to become the latest US hostage. They are taking control of all Guyana’s new found energy resources for pennies and giving crumbs to the Guyanase people. You will be worst off than Trinidad very soon. And if he wakes up on morning and realize this mistake and then demands the US, via Exxon, pay Guyana their fare share, the US will organize a coup against the PPP. Look around at all the far and near independent countries who stood up against the US taking and controlling their resources, see what happened. Yet Ali and Jagdeo thinks the attention being given is genuine. Sad

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