Drag Race: Trinidadians ready for big showdown on Sunday


Competitors from Trinidad and Tobago are ready and raring to go this weekend, as they seek to challenge their Guyanese counterparts and others at the International Drag Race Meet at the South Dakota Circuit.

Sheldon Bissessar will drive a larger rail car as compared to Andy Bissessar, and Kervin Ribeiro will power his 1JZ powered 2nd Generation RX-7, which claimed a world record for the fastest Toyota 1JZ Engine in 2017.

Speaking to local media on Thursday, Sheldon said they know it will not be an easy task toppling Team Mohamed’s, but they are here to do business and produce a spectacle.

Noting he is happy with the traction at the track, Sheldon said it means they “will run the cars pretty hard” as they look to put on a big show for the massive crowd anticipated.

Commenting on the main challenge expected from the strip’s record-holder, Team Mohamed’s, and the fleet of GT-Rs and recent Pro-Mod addition, the Trinidadian stated, “We are going to have our hands full; it is no walk in the park when you are dealing with these guys. Nothing is going to be easy here. To win here, you have to work.”

When Andy’s rail car was in Guyana in August 2019, it won the Unlimited category after Team Mohamed’s suffered dearly from mechanical issues.

Based on evidence seen by News Room Sport then, the white GT-R ran 7.87s at 189mph. This was achieved at the practice, the same day the rail car clocked 7.9 seconds.

The record is still held by the white GT-R at 7.501 seconds.

Meanwhile, from 13:00h on Saturday, there will be dial-in and tune for the 14 to 16-second competitors, while on Sunday from 08:00h, there will be dial-in for the 13 seconds and lower machines.

Elimination starts at noon on Sunday.

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