State House shooting: Suspect still on ventilator; detectives unable to question him


Two days after a man breached the security at State House – the President’s official residence – police detectives have not been able to question the suspect who remains hospitalised on a ventilator.

A statement from Police Headquarters on Saturday noted that the probe into the early morning attack on Thursday last continues.

Telon Perreira, the police constable who was injured during the attack remains hopsitalised in a serious condition.

The suspect, Bethel Ikena Chenezie, continues to be treated for his injuries, and based on the most recent update from the doctor in whose care he remains, he is still on a ventilator, the Guyana Police Force said.

As such, investigators have not been able to question the suspect.

The attacker Bethel Ikena Chinezie (left) and Presidential Guard Telon Perreira

“Also, due to the sensitive nature of this investigation, the Guyana Police Force can only confirm that contact has been made with law enforcement counterparts as it relates to information related to the suspect’s background and any other pertinent information,” the police statement added.

Chenezie, who possesses a Nigerian passport, on Thursday morning showed up at State House – the official residence of President Ali and his family – and confronted the Presidential guard in a hut stating: “I want the President.”

Perreira was then stabbed by the man, who was armed with a knife.

The attacker then proceeded to disarm a female rank of her gun, walked out of the guard hut, and started firing outside of the compound on Carmichael Street. He was shot at by other officers.

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