‘His blood was pouring out…blood from head to toe’- Mother recalls last moments with son


The mother of Abdool Javid Razack, the 28-year-old man who was stabbed to death at Lusignan on Monday, is hoping that the law will take its course and his attacker will be penalised for the crime.

In an interview with the News Room on Tuesday, Rafeena Razack said her son was stabbed suddenly.

She explained that Abdool had just exited his yard after finishing a meal.

“…My son go out on the road and the two of them (victim and suspect) was just talking and he (suspect) just whip out the knife and push it into him just like that,” Rafeena said.

“I get information from a girl. She seh that how meh son didn’t do anything. Meh son just go out and they was gaffing but this bai was totally drunk…And in split seconds he juk him and how the blood start to spray out,” she added.

By time she could have rushed to his assistance, she said Abdool collapsed.

“When he come, he fall down. I pull the shirt to see where he get the bore….His blood was pouring out. Like when yuh punch a container and the blood coming out…I just tek the shirt and put it on top on him,” Rafeena explained.

Rafeena described the suspect, Karamchan Mukutnauth called “Bogas” or “Ravi”, 37, a carpenter, who has been living in abandoned house next door to them for about six years now as a “noise nuisance”.

She said since Sunday he was seen walking around the area with a knife.

“This boy (suspect) had a knife since Sunday patrolling the road up and down…,” she told the News Room on Tuesday.

“Everything this bai (suspect) drink and drunk and cursing….It got many nights we don’t even get five minutes sleep…If you tell him he making noise he gone curse you,” Rafeena noted.

With the suspect now in custody, Rafeena said she is hoping that the law will take its course.

“He is in the police hands and they have to deal with him,” she said.

The stabbing occurred around 11:15hrs at Latchman Singh Housing Scheme, Lusignan, East Coast Demerara.

Mukutnauth fled the scene and was subsequently arrested.

Sources told the News Room that the suspect told detectives that Razack slapped him,  and in retaliation, he inflicted the deadly wound.

Police recovered the suspected murder weapon, a kitchen knife, at the scene.

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