Suspect in ‘Sir Mars’ murder says he acted in self-defense, reversed car accidentally


By Sharda Bacchus

Brian Richard, the man who was charged on Friday with the murder of educator and comedian, Kirwyn Mars, popularly known as ‘Sir Mars’, confessed to the crime claiming that he acted in self-defense.

In his confession video, which was shared exclusively with the News Room, the suspect details his actions after Mars allegedly made sexual advances towards him.

Brian Richard in his confession video

“We had a scuffle…I try fah defend me self…I had two beer bottle inside the car. One did done empty; the other one…after he (Mars) come fah hold me and kiss me up all pun me neck all…Eventually, I didn’t like it, I just tek the glass bottle and lash he to he head,” Ricard told detectives in the video interview.

Richard further noted that during the scuffle, he stabbed Mars several times.

He, however, noted that Mars being crushed by the vehicle was an accident. According to Richard, Mars went behind the car to retrieve what he suspected to be a cutlass from the trunk.

At the same time, Richard said he went to the driver’s side of the vehicle to get his cell phone, when he “accidentally touched something” causing the vehicle to reverse and pin Mars into a fence at Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Richard claimed that he does not know to drive so he could not have taken any action to save Mars.

As such, he said he left the scene, boarded a taxi and went home.

Richard’s video confession is among other evidence seen by the News Room, including a signed statement provided to the Police by his wife.

Her statement contradicts the account she provided to the media on Friday outside the courthouse as she and other relatives maintained that Richard is innocent of the crime.

They rejected the Police’s version that Richard confessed to the crime, noting that he cannot read and therefore, cannot knowingly sign a confession statement.

Richard’s wife told the News Room that Mars dropped her husband home at around 21:00 hrs on the night of the murder; Mars was killed at around 22:30hrs.


Meanwhile, in her written statement to the Police, the wife said that two months ago, she and Richard had an argument over him going out with Mars.

Dead: Kirwyn Mars

On May 7 when Mars was murdered, the woman said Richard was at home eating when Mars called him to go out and she insisted that he stay home. As a matter of fact, she threw water on him twice after he got dressed to go out but Richard then allegedly hit her in the face.

The woman further noted that she went to the Police station to file a report and upon returning, she noticed Richard was not at home.

Phone records seen by the News Room revealed that the woman called Richard twice on the night in question at 22:00 hrs; Richard did not answer the first call but he declined the second one.

Photographs of Sir Mars and Richard show them arriving and leaving the Green City Bar located at the corners of D’Urban Street and Vlissengen Road several hours before.

Mars was found pinned between his car and an apartment building fence.

The Police, in its official report on Monday, revealed that two knives were recovered at the scene.

Detectives have since retrieved Richard’s clothing and footwear, which he allegedly washed; they have been sent for analysis.

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  2. derk says

    A dead carry no tales! Stabbed the poor man several times after having socialised with him!
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