With no help from Police, woman lives in fear of abusive ex-partner


After years of abuse allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, a 33-year-old woman has walked away from the relationship but now she lives in constant fear as he continues to reportedly threaten her life and that of her relatives.

Sandy Persaud, who is originally from Berbice, Region Six, told the News Room on Wednesday that she is currently in hiding after she ended the four-year relationship in April. She took the brave decision after the man chopped her multiple times, causing her to be hospitalised.

“He is a jealous man. Since me and he deh, every time I go anywhere, it’s a problem for him.

“Last time when me and he left, my cousin passed away and I went to the wake house, when I reach home, he had a problem. When my cousin bury, he beat me up. When he beat me, I don’t tell anyone I just take it and stay easy because I think he will change and it’s just when he drink rum is the problem,” Persaud explained.

She said there was hope that the man would change but as time progressed, the physical worsened.

After she moved out, she stayed with a relative, and on the day of the chopping, the man entered the house without anyone’s knowledge and attacked her.

“He come in the house and he chop me on my foot, then he chop both of my hands, my shoulder and give me a jook to my back and my thighs and then he walk down back and then come back and chop me in my head.”

She received about 15 stitches to the head and steel is being used to support her limbs which were severely injured.

Although she has made several complaints to the Police and even secured a restraining order, Persaud claims that the Police have made no effort to arrest the perpetrator who continues to roam freely.

“I went to the station and made the report and they told me they have to find him and they can’t do anything until they catch him,” the distraught woman lamented.

After a week and no action, Persaud filed a report at another Police Station but again, nothing was done to help her.

She said the man has sent her numerous threatening voice messages and called her several times.

According to Persaud, because of his threats, people are reluctant to let her stay at their house.

In April when the chopping incident occurred, voice messages of the man threatening her and telling her that she deserved the beating were heard by the News Room.

Persaud is calling on the relevant authorities to assist with ensuring that charges are instituted against the perpetrator as she fears he may kill her before the Police find him.

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