Stop paying for voice calls – ENet CEO

—Calls using Data are practically free


ENet’s CEO, Vishok Persaud today said that customers from all mobile providers should aim to no longer pay for voice calls and avoid unnecessary top-ups solely for that purpose.

He emphasized the value of subscribing to data plans, which offer more benefits as voice and video communication become practically free when using apps like Facetime and WhatsApp.

“Once you have subscribed to a data plan, your voice calls should be free. The costs and infrastructure associated with providing voice services in a modern telecommunications environment are minimal,” said the CEO.

“I can assure you that ENet will never charge you for voice calls on our network once you have a data plan.”

Elaborating further, Persaud stated, “Today, we have numerous apps that offer exceptional quality voice and video services for free. Why pay approximately $32 Guyana Dollars per minute (current market costs) for traditional calls?

“This is definitely amongst the highest rates for local calls worldwide. Consider this: if you speak for 30 minutes per day for 20 days a month, that adds up to $19,200, or $230,400 over a year. Instead, it’s more advantageous to invest in a quality smartphone and opt for data plans, which will enable free voice calls, using small amounts of data.

“Frequent top-ups can lead to unnoticed monthly expenses, as the model is designed to make consumers spend more. We must shift our focus towards value and maximizing the use of our devices through apps and data-centric services. You should aim to budget for a weekly or monthly plan with no top-ups in between.”

ENet hopes that regulators are taking note of the rapid expansion of the industry and are adequately equipped to ensure that customers benefit from the Government’s liberalization of the sector and tax waivers which should lead to lower rates and better value.

As the demand for faster and more reliable telecommunication services grows, ENet continues to heavily invest in the latest mobile, wireless, and fiber technologies to meet the needs of consumers and businesses in Guyana.

The company is committed to rapidly rolling out state-of-the-art services across the nation, prioritizing service delivery across all its networks.

ENet operates the largest Fiber Backbone in Guyana, connecting more regions by fiber than any other provider.

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