Guyanese tech entrepreneurs on a mission to train youth in rapidly expanding field


With Guyana undergoing a rapid digital transformation, several local technology entrepreneurs have joined forces to help train more young people in various digital and technological skills.

Carl Handy, one of the entrepreneurs, told the News Room that these efforts are being channell through a new organisation called ‘TechServe”.

Through this organisation, free Information Technology (IT) training will be available to some 20 youths between the ages of 17 and 32 who are living in Region Three.

The goal is to expand the training to various communities and regions as the organisation expands.

Handy explained that the organisation was created after several local technology entrepreneurs decided to join forces and give back to communities across Guyana.

Their aim is to get more people trained, certified and employed in the technology sector.

Local tech entrepreneur Carl Handy (Photo: News Room/ June 20, 2023)

“We realised that there is a lack (of skills) and there is a need, so even in our own individual businesses, we realised it’s very hard to get the skilled personnel that we need so when we hire people, we still have to train them.

“This is one way for us to get a good set of employees to work for us and potentially at other companies as well,” the software engineer said.

As it is, there aren’t enough persons to satisfy the demand for these skills. Already, though, the Government of Guyana with help from the United Arab Emirates, plans to train 150,000 persons to do coding.

Handy said the organisation is following suit, and has already trained 93 persons in computer repairs and networking.

The goal is to continue this work albeit in a more structured way, through the organisation, now.

And Handy believes the persons trained will benefit significantly. In fact, he highlighted that all persons selected are those keen on learning and willing to also give back to their communities.

“We select persons who more interested in IT because people think IT is an easy field but you need to have that drive, so we select people who think might have that drive,” Handy said.

Upon completing the programme persons will receive certification from the organisation. While this is not an internationally accredited certificate, it is recognised in Guyana.

Additionally, the organisation will soon incorporate more courses such as web developing, programing and graphic designing.

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