Walking in her sister’s footsteps, Berbice girl delivers double feat for family at NGSA


In 2019, Marissa Siriram from Kilcoy/Chesney Housing Scheme, a former student of Cropper Primary School, made her family proud when she placed among the top ten for Region Six in the National Grade Six Assessment.

Following sharply beside her this year is her sister Annalisa Siriram, also of Cropper Primary, who is tied for the number one spot in the region at this year’s NGSA.

A magnificent double feat for the Siriram household!

Annalisa’s story is as special and her success has brought much joy to her mom and siblings with whom she lives. Coming from a single-parent home where her mom Camille Sukai is tasked with taking care of them on a daily basis and ensuring that all their needs are met, her success means so much more.

Speaking to her mom via phone, Sukai expressed how overjoyed she is knowing that her daughter excelled exceptionally at her exams. She added that while Annalisa expected to do well, it came as a shock when they learned she topped the region.

The unemployed mother of five noted there were sacrifices made on her daughter’s part in an effort to prepare for the exams and those sacrifices included no television and hours of studying daily.

She stressed that being extremely supportive and having a relationship where her children can talk to her about anything is also an important part of her children’s life.

“The main thing is being like a friend to them and ofcourse strong support by studying with her and listening to her has helped I believe”.

The proud mom said that while her daughter achieved a place at Queens College just like her sister, she will be attending a secondary school in Berbice. Sukai said her other children are also extremely proud of Annalisa’s success and they have vowed to always support her throughout her journey as they have supported eachother through the years.

Annalisa Siriram, a student of Cropper Primary School in Albion gained 502.9 marks at this year’s NGSA, she tied with Aaron Anamayah also of Cropper Primary and Jade Archibald of St. Theresa’s Primary School for the top spot in the region. Nathaniel Jainarine from Cumberland Primary secured the 4th spot with 502.6, Rayad Kadir from All Saints Primary gained 501.9 and secured the 5th spot, Marshel Welch of St. Theresa’s Primary came in 6th with 501.1, Annimashaun Murray of All Saints came in 7th with 500.2, Paulene Flatts of Rose Hall Primary gained 499.1 with the 8th spot, Divinash Kissoon of All Saints came in 9th with 498.8 and Amaru Moseley of All Saints secured the 10th spot with 498.2.

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    My heartiest congratulations go out to you Annalisa. You have made the entire nation proud You have excelled just as your sister did in 2019. I must also praise your dear mother who, as a single parent encouraged and supported you to reach your goal.. Do keep up the good work as you keep on keeping on

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