Death of boat captain: Family wants justice


Weeks after the body of a boat captain was recovered from Marshall’s Falls, Lower Mazaruni River with multiple injuries, his family is calling for a thorough investigation after the Police Force released suspects in the case.

Carl Subarattie, 61, was reported missing on June 19, and his body was found on June 29. On Tuesday, Police Commander for Division #7, Dion Moore said all suspects who were being held in relation to the death were released.

The man’s daughter, Simena Subarattie, told the News Room that the family was not updated by the Police about the investigation; they believe that foul play was involved in the man’s death.

During a telephone interview with the News Room on Wednesday, Simena said that the suspects were arrested on two occasions: when her father’s clothing were found on a farm and after the body was recovered.

“Nobody has contacted us. The only time they contact us is to go and identify him and we did [try to follow up] it is a push around…no direct information.

“One of [the suspects] even had a broken arm and couldn’t explain why his arm broke and why he didn’t go to the hospital,” the man’s daughter related.

She said that the family is calling for justice and for the Police to conduct a thorough investigation from “higher provisions because nothing is going on here in terms of the investigation.”

The boat captain’s brother, Anderson, said he left home at 09:00 hrs to take another brother, Simon, to Marshall’s Point Backdam, Lower Mazaruni River. Anderson said his brother left Simon at the location and was supposed to return home but he didn’t.

The Police deployed a search team to find the missing man and on day six, his clothes were found in a bucket at a farm. Eventually, his body was discovered floating in the river.

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