ENet launches the 90-day challenge

- 90 days of free talk, text and data


ENet, Guyana’s 5G mobile provider known for innovation and customer-centric solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the ENet 90-Day Challenge; a one-of-a-kind promotion that will unquestionably create more value for its users.

This exciting initiative aims to provide customers with the tools necessary to stop paying for traditional voice calls, embrace the endless possibilities of data and ultimately save money.

By accepting the challenge, consumers can enjoy the benefits of unlimited talk, text, and data for 90 days absolutely free, but hurry, as the promotion ends on July 29, 2023.

Robert Hiscock, Head of Mobile Networks at ENet, expressed enthusiasm at the launch of the 90-Day Challenge.

“At ENet, we believe in pushing boundaries and transforming the mobile landscape. Our 90-Day Challenge, a free, 90-day plan, is designed to encourage users to explore the vast possibilities offered by data-driven communication. By breaking away from the expensive minutes-based approach, our customers can unlock new levels of connectivity and discover the most cost-effective way to stay connected.”

The plan’s generous data allocation allows users to eliminate the heavy costs associated with traditional voice calls by capitalizing on unlimited ENet to ENet calls, as well as seamless voice, video and text communication through popular applications such as Whatsapp and Facetime.

Hiscock added, “With the ENet 90-Day Challenge, we are challenging consumers to save money by shifting their behavior and embracing the future of digital communication. Moreover, with a network as fast and reliable as ours, there is simply no need to spend $32 a minute on traditional voice calls anymore – data calls are crystal clear.”

ENet, Guyana’s very own 5G carrier, is committed to empowering consumers through cutting-edge solutions and an exceptional mobile experience that is second to none. The 90-Day Challenge is a testament to ENet’s dedication to providing customers with unmatched value and ground-breaking offerings.

To join the 90-Day Challenge and benefit from free talk, text, and data, customers can visit their nearest ENet store or simply accept the challenge via the My ENet app. Don’t pay for voice calls! Join the ENet 90-Day Challenge and save money today.

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