Serious crimes down by 12 %

-ranks who solved murders of Sir Mars, Corporal Lewis among those awarded


By Sharda Bacchus

Despite an increase in the number of murders committed this year thus far, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has recorded an overall 12.6 percent decrease in serious crimes.

And in recognition of the role they played in solving a number of these cases, ranks from various branches and departments within the Police Force were on Thursday awarded for their contribution.

With the exception of murder which increased by 37 percent when compared to the same period last year, all other categories of serious crime have decreased, the Top Cop said.

He also revealed that a 13.3 per cent increase in seizures of firearms has been recovered.

Meanwhile, among those who copped prices were detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters who spearheaded the murders of popular entertainer and educator, Kirwyn Mars also known as ‘Sir Mars’; Police Constable, Quincy Lewis; Coast Guard Lieutenant, Rondel Douglas and Johnson Bowen and his son-in-law Manuel Dos Santos, who were killed during a home invasion at Linden.

Other cases which the ranks received recognition for include the theft of weapons and ammunition from Radar Security and their work as it relates to Trafficking in Persons cases, one of which saw pilot Orlando Charges being charged.

Senior ranks of the GPF at the award ceremony

Over $133M in cash and other incentives were handed out to the Policemen and women at the Force’s 184th-anniversary ceremony which was held at the Police Officers’ Mess Annex, Eve Leary on Wednesday.

In his address, Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken said the ceremony is meant to honour the service men and women who risk their lives daily to serve and protect the nation.

“Your efforts have not gone unnoticed…Ranks, we are conscious of the challenges all of us as members of the Guyana Police Force encounter daily,” Hicken said.

Despite the many accomplishments, Hicken admitted that the force is still faced with challenges.

And while efforts are being made to address them to enhance the relationship between the public and the Police, Hicken urged the ranks to strengthen their commitment to the oath they took upon assuming office.

“Our days of sitting in offices are long gone; that is not contemporary policing…The public is who we were designed to serve, we were established to serve and so you will continue to build those bridges…and not put up barriers.

“Focus on serving the public and you are going to stimming most of the challenges we are getting,” he said.

But in doing so, the acting Top Cop reminded the ranks that there will be zero tolerance for any breach of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

“…Our duty is not just about detecting and preventing crime. It is about creating a world of greater understanding and security for the rights of all people,” Hicken said.

He added “Ethical standards, professionalism they are considered hallmarks and there will be non-acceptance, non-tolerance for members of the force from any level who breach SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and procedures.”

Hundreds of other ranks were also awarded for their work in the divisions they serve across the country.

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