$83M in training centres for NA and Corriverton


Persons residing in the towns of New Amsterdam and Corriverton, Region Six, will soon have access to training centres being constructed at a total cost of over $83 million, through the Ministry of Labour’s Board of Industrial Training (BIT), following the sod turning ceremonies on Wednesday.

Both facilities will be erected in accordance with the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) standards and will have two levels with each floor measuring 2,000 square feet.

NK Enterprise Inc is tasked with constructing the training facility at New Amsterdam to the tune of $44.8 million, while Perba Trading and Construction will build the Corriverton skills centre at a cost of some $39.9 million.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton said this is part of the government’s broader developmental plan to provide various opportunities for Guyanese to be highly skilled and certified. He noted that the buildings will aid in the development of both towns by providing employment opportunities and life-long skills to residents.

“This ceremony, while it might seem simple, is groundbreaking and a game changer in large effect. Regions Five and Six will be exposed to the call for people that are highly trained and technically competent to function in a lot of the facilities that will be installed around here. This will prepare the region for the new development that will happen in the region and Guyana,” Minister Hamilton stated.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan highlighted that the government recognises that training is important to satisfy the demands of a changing society.

“In Guyana today, with all this innovation and investment taking place, there’s going to be a need for all different kinds of skills. We at the Board of Industrial Training have to be able to accomplish that mandate that was given to us by the government,” the chairman noted.

New Amsterdam’s Mayor-elect, Wainwright McIntosh assured that the facility will be utilised to bring skills development to the residents.

“I wish to say on behalf of the Mayor and Town Council, we are pleased with this developmental initiative. And as far as possible, we will be lending support to this particular programme,” he expressed.

Similarly, Corriverton’s Mayor-elect, Imran Hamid welcomed the undertaking, noting that it speaks to growth countrywide and showcases the government’s competence.

Construction works for both training schools will commence shortly, and every effort will be made to have them completed by year-end. (DPI)

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