‘You had to kill he?’ – Wife of murdered bus driver seeks answers


The wife of Zehron Nieuenkirk, the bus driver who died after he was allegedly stabbed by a female at the Linden bus park in Georgetown is hoping that his alleged attacker will be apprehended and made to face the full force of the law.

Nieuenkirk of West Ruimveldt, Housing Scheme, Georgetown was stabbed around 21:00hrs on Thursday last by a female, who he was allegedly taunting.

The suspect who is known as ‘Vanessa’ fled the scene on foot and is yet to be arrested.

At the time of the stabbing, the News Room was told that Nieuenkirk was on his way to purchase a bread for his wife.

“I was at home. I called him minutes after 9 (Thursday night) and I was telling him to bring home a bread and he said he going and get the bread and come back,” the dead man’s wife, who wished not to be named, told the News Room during a telephone interview.

Shortly after speaking to him, she received a phone call informing her that Nieuenkirk was rushed to the hospital.

“By time I get there (hospital), they said he’s in the theater. I went up there and they said he didn’t make it,” she recalled.

The woman told the News Room that she does not know the suspect but learnt that she would frequent the Linden bus park, where Nieuenkirk worked as a bus driver.

“Eyewitness say that…they did meking they own jokes and he (Nieuenkirk) telling she (suspect) ‘man she could live a better life and so’ and he go fah give she a pound….She lash away he hand and he hold she from behind and hug she and she seh ‘man you must rest yuh self’. By time he fah tell she dah, she pull put wahever and stab he,” the grieving woman explained to News Room.

She said her husband lost his life prematurely and is demanding justice.

“We need her (suspect) to be found and let’s see what’s going to happen because come on if you and somebody is friends and yall making jokes, even if you not in the mood why you couldn’t curse him or push him away? You had to kill he?” the woman questioned.

The News Room had previously reported that an eyewitness related to the Police that he was sitting on the avenue outside the Parliament Building when Nieuenkirk, who came from the Linden bus park stopped and talked to him.

At this time, he said the suspect arrived and stood next to Nieuenkirk, who allegedly pinched her causing her to knock his hand away.

As a result, the eyewitness related that the suspect allegedly whipped out a knife from her waist.

And as the woman turned and walked away, Nieuenkirk hugged and lifted her up from behind.

The News Room was further told that the eyewitness told the Police that he heard Nieuenkirk telling the woman, “that is what you done to me girl.”

And it was until Nieuenkirk showed him the wound to his abdomen, then he learnt that he was stabbed.

Nieuenkirk was placed in his minibus and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was admitted. He succumbed around 23:30hrs while receiving medical attention.

Police obtained surveillance footage from the area which is being reviewed as the investigation continues.

  1. Matthew says

    Moral of de story……do not lay your hands on persons unless invited to do so.

  2. derk says

    I totally agree with you ,never the less killing the man is no answer to the apparent cause for her action .She has to account for her action.

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