Palm Court, ReadyMix Cement donate G$2M to ‘Cricket for Charity’


Palm Court and Readymix Concrete Limited at the weekend joined forces to donate G$2 million to the ‘Cricket for Charity’ match that raised over G$17.5M.

In release to the media, the companies indicated the President’s inspiring performances with bat and ball spurred them to make a further contribution to the noble cause.

Initially, for every four and six the President struck, Palm Court indicated they will donate G$5,000 and G$10,000 respectively, while the entertainment spot will donate G$25,000 for every wicket he captured.

The President carried his bat for a boundary-less 21, but got three wickets for his winning ‘Team Roraima.’

The funds from the match will be distributed to eleven orphanages, the Salvation Army, Dharm Shala Home of Benevolence for All Races, and two animal welfare groups in Guyana- Tails of Hope and Paws for a Cause.

The Private Sector Commission secured the funds through generous donations from various individuals and businesses.

After the match, President Ali applauded the organisers for a fantastic tournament. He noted that it will get bigger, highlighting the importance of sport in unifying people to help each other.

The Head-of-State lauded the Private Sector Commission for raising the sum in less than 24 hours.

“We are truly One Guyana, one Guyanese,” he said.

On the day, several businesses pledged further donations based on how many runs or wickets the president took in the match.

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