ECPFA Senior League: Wins for Henrietta United, Good Hope and Mainstay Goalstar


In the latest round of action in the Essequibo Coast/Pomeroon Football Association (ECPFA) Senior League, football fans witnessed gripping matches that showcased skill, determination and heart.

Henrietta United edged out Dartmouth 2-1, Mainstay Goalstar defeated Charity 4-2 and Good Hope gained a walk over from Tapakuma.

In a closely contested match, Henrietta United prevailed over Dartmouth by a one-goal margin.

Stephon Clarke ignited the excitement by netting the opening goal for Dartmouth just seven minutes into the game.

However, Henrietta United responded with a goal from Ezekiel Scott (38th minute) just before half-time, equalising the score at 1-1 heading into the break.

The second half continued to showcase intense rivalry between the two teams, with both sides battling fiercely for dominance.

The match took a decisive turn in the 81st minute when John Doe found the net for Henrietta United, securing their hard-fought win.

The clash between Mainstay Goalstar and Charity was an exhilarating one with the league’s top scorer, Randy De Jonge, setting the tone by netting the opening goal for Mainstay Goalstar in the 13th minute.

Rayon John extended their lead in the 29th minute with a precise strike, giving Mainstay Goalstar a 2-0 advantage at halftime.

Charity displayed resilience and determination as an Akeem Norton’s penalty found the back of the net in the 58th minute to narrow the gap.

However, Mainstay Goalstar would regain their two-goal lead when De Jonge scored his second goal in the 77th minute, stemming from a world-class assist from Darwin Joseph.

Sheldon Pitt’s goal for Charity in the 80th minute kept the match in contention.

The back-and-forth battle continued, but it was De Jonge who had the final say, completing his hat-trick with an 86th-minute goal that sealed Mainstay Goalstar’s 4-2 victory.

Next up, Charity, in a must-win situation, will face Henrietta United in the first match of the scheduled double-header at Multi Ground on August 26, followed by Queenstown United versus Mainstay Goalstar in a battle that would determine the top spot on the league table.

On August 27, the excitement will continue as Dartmouth Dominators take on Tapakuma in yet another high-stakes match. Both teams will undoubtedly leave everything on the field as they fight for a crucial victory.

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