Lennox Blackmore National Intermediate Boxing starts November 3


The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will officially stage the 2023 edition of the Lennox Blackmore National Intermediate Championship from November 3-5 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

Participation is expected from notable gyms such as the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police Force, the Forgotten Youth Foundation, Pace and Power, Rose Hall, Vergenoegen and Republican.

Action will start at 18:00h daily.

The medical assessment and weight-in will occur on November 2 at the National Gymnasium from 16:00h.

Terrence Poole, Technical Director of the GBA, said: “The intermediate championship is the stage directly after the novices. It’s a more advanced boxing level because there will be boxers who have represented Guyana competing at this level, so there’s a higher quality of competition. This is the stage where you will see the true potential of the fighters. I anticipate a quality exhibition of the talent due to the fact that the competing pugilists are much more experienced.”

Meanwhile, GBA President Steve Ninvalle stated, “The GBA’s developmental agenda is an excursion rooted in continuity. The Lennox Blackmore National Intermediate Championship is a stepping stone, a structured progression from the previously staged Andrew ‘Six Head’ Lewis National Novices Championships. It is a transitional level, and its importance should not be understated, as it provides a more detailed and comprehensive assessment of the possible future of the sport.”

He added: “The GBA comprehends that development transpires and occurs in an organised and systematic manner, as each tournament under the jurisdiction of the association provides its own particular aim and intrinsic value. As such, this event, which is an annual undertaking, has been tailored to form a pathway for emerging pugilists who harbour national and professional aspirations. This, as a consequence, has always resulted in the exposure of talents, which is the lifeline of the association in its continued dominance of the region.”

The championship is staged in honour of the former Commonwealth champion and world-ranked challenger Lennox Blackmore, who ended his illustrious career with a record of 30 fights, 25 wins and five losses.

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