Demerara Bank introduces VISA purchase alerts


See statement from Demerara Bank Limited:

Demerara Bank wishes to inform our VISA cardholders about a valuable service offered through VISA International to allow for enhanced monitoring of transactions done on your Visa cards. Introducing Visa Purchase Alerts, a valuable and practical feature enabling users to receive instant email notifications whenever their Visa card is utilized for in-store, online transactions or other Bank ATM transactions.

Why opt for Visa Purchase Alerts? 

In today’s era of increasing online transactions, it is imperative for our customers to remain vigilant and closely track their card activity. Visa Purchase Alerts acts as a crucial tool, delivering an additional layer of security and assurance through transaction alerts.

How to Sign Up:

  1. Visit the link: and sign up.
  2. Enter and validate your  active email address.
  3. Securely add your VISA card information to the Visa alerts portal. 
  4. Once registered, you will receive real-time email notifications every time a transaction is processed using your Visa card.

Demerara Bank encourages all of our Visa Debit cardholders  to embrace this convenient and secure feature. The registration process is quick, straightforward and significantly enhances the protection of your Visa card usage. 


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