Hardcore Barbell Club’s lifters dominant at Senior Powerlifting competition


Athletes from Hardcore Barbell Club from Rosignol, West Berbice, continued impressive performances when they competed at the 2023 Senior National Equipped Powerlifting competition.

The five athletes who represented the club managed to cop eight medals (seven gold and one silver) and the Best Lifter award, in addition to smashing smash seven records.

Fazim Adbool led the way with gold in the 120kg Class and Masters 1 to win the Best Lifter award.

He had a Squat of 310.0kg, Bench Press of 210.0kg and Deadlift of 296.0kg for a total of 816.0kg.

Gold medallist Marlon Wilson had a total of 580.0kg in the Men’s Open 93kg, having produced a Squat of 192.5kg, Bench Press of 135.0kg and Deadlift of 252.5kg, while teammate Saif Adool got second with a total of 540.0kg.

Wilson also got gold in the Masters category, while Saif’s performance led him to gold in the 93kg Sub-Junior class.

Saif also broke four Sub-Junior records in the said class. In the Squat, he shattered his old record of 190kg to produce a new best of 210kg, while he moved his old Bench Press record from 100kg to 120 kg.

The Deadlift record was also raised to 210kg from 185kg; the total is now 540kg, with the old record being 460kg.

Additionally, Fazim reset two records- a new Deadlift of 296kg from his old mark of 295.5kg and John Edwards’ 290kg record for the Deadlift in Masters 1 was also broken.

Wilson also had a record performance with the new Deadlift of 252.5kg in the 93kg Masters, breaking his teammate Nigel Phillips’ record of 249.4kg.

In addition, Rondel Thomas and Timothy Bagla rounded off the gold fest, with Thomas copping his medals in the Junior and Open 59kg, while Bagla soared in the 93kg Open.

A spokesperson for the club related that their lifters have been dominating local Powerlifting and Weightlifting for over two decades.

“There hasn’t been a single competition that we have attended that we haven’t either broken or set records,” he said.

The Hardcore Barbell Club is led by Head Coach Farouk Abdool.

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