UPDATE: Security Guard opened fire on girlfriend’s sister with AR-15 Rifle, shot self with co-worker’s gun


The Guyana Police Force in a statement has detailed the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Ashanti Liverpool, 24, at Dazzel Housing Scheme by a 31-year-old Security Officer of Haslington, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Ashanti is the sister of Stephan Hope’s ex-girlfriend, Ishanti Liverpool. Police said the murder occurred at about 01:00 hrs on Tuesday.

According to reports, Hope went to the Hong Kong Chinese Supermarket located at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, where he met a 23-year-old Security Officer (co-worker), who at the time was armed with one AR-15 Rifle and eight live rounds of ammunition.

He told the Security Officer that the Supervisor sent him to collect the rifle. The Security Officer claimed that he made several calls to his Supervisor via cellphone, which went unanswered and Hope collected the firearm with ammunition and went away.

The suspect had earlier gone to the girlfriend’s home and saw her sitting inside a car outside her house. She is believed to have been accompanied by a male.

As such, Hope left, went to Good Hope and returned about 30 minutes later armed with the AR-15 Rifle, where he entered the house and met Ashanti, who was at home in bed.

He asked about her sister’s whereabouts but Ishanti had left the house a short while before he returned.

As a result, Ashanti ran outside, where she made her way out of the yard and started heading East along the access road when Hope opened fire at her with the rifle.

Ashanti continued running and collapsed in a nearby yard. Hope got onto his motorcycle and left the scene.

He proceeded to the Hong Xing Supermarket at Industry Railway Embankment, ECD, where he met with another colleague, a 29-year-old Security Officer, who at the time was armed with one AR-15 Rifle with six live matching rounds of ammunition.

Hope told his colleague that he needed his help in clearing the rifle that he had in his possession because one round was stuck in the firearm. The colleague collected the rifle from the Hope and attempted to clear it outside the Supermarket, leaving his firearm inside the Supermarket.

While doing this, the colleague heard a loud explosion from inside the Supermarket, and while checking, he noticed the suspect on the ground. He went to his aid, where he saw what appeared to be blood coming from the left side of his chest and the firearm beside him.

A Patrol from the Sparendaam Police Station was summoned, and the suspect was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

On his arrival, he was admitted nursing a single gunshot wound to the chest.

His condition is considered critical. He is presently under guard at the hospital.

Investigations continue.


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