Sophia man shot dead


Police are investigating the murder of Courtney Younge, a 56-year-old labourer of ‘D’ Field Sophia, who was shot by a gunman on a bicycle on Thursday night in the same community.

Police Headquarters reported that Younge and a contractor identified as Vincent Cozier, 57, were working on a house in the area.

Cozier told the police that he and Younge were imbibing at the work site last night and at about 20:30 hrs, he observed the suspect approaching on a pedal cycle.

It is alleged that the suspect stopped in front of the yard and then ran inside with what appeared to be a shotgun in his hands.

“As he entered the yard, he approached Younge, pointed the gun at him and discharged a round in his direction.

“Younge fell to the ground, after which the suspect exited the yard, mounted the pedal cycle, rode off in a western direction along the street, and made good his escape,” the police report noted.

The body is at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting a Post-Mortem Examination.

Police are looking for the suspect as investigations continue.

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