Families shattered, plans unfulfilled as 13 lives lost to road accidents in March


By Sharda Bacchus


Accidents, regardless of their nature, occur.

Sudden when they do, accidents are often timely reminders to avoid certain actions. But the lessons are seemingly ignored with road accident statistics alarmingly high.

In many of these accidents, lives are lost and when the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incidents are determined, the majority are due to negligence.

Fatal accidents continue to void wholesome families, leaving relatives in despair. That’s the case for Junior Totaram, the father of Justin Totaram who lost his life in an accident.

“Meh had so much ah plans fah meh son bai.

“Meh lost meh son and leh me tell ayo this, this nah wan easy thing,” the hardworking father wept.

Justin was just 12 years old when his life was snuffed out when he was crushed by a truck while walking on the Reliance Public Road on March 13.

He was a budding basketball player; his family had big plans for him. Dreams that he aspired to achieve will never become reality.

Justin Totaram was crushed to death by motor lorry, GMM 5087

“The lorry man seh how he nah see this lil bai and this lil bai been on he driving side. How he nah go see meh son bai? Dah child ah just 12 years,” Junior quizzed, with tears flowing from his eyes.

For others, lifelong relationships are shattered.

“Everybody is distraught, broken down. It wasn’t something that was not expected.

Domall was my right hand… my go to person. My ride or die. We shared this type of relationship that nobody could come between,” Tekesha Trim still grieves.

Though time has passed, the emotional wounds are still fresh from losing her brother, Domall Trim. Domall collided with a trailer while riding his motorcycle on March 11 along the McDoom Public Road, East Bank Demerara.

Junior and Domall are among the 13 persons who died in road accidents during March 2024. Several other persons, some of whom are still recovering, were injured in these episodes.

The motorcycle Domall Trim was riding when the accident occured

Data gathered by the News Room revealed that nine of the victims are males while four are females.

The majority of the accidents occurred in the nights with speeding, inattentiveness and drunk driving being the major contributing factors.

Further, the data revealed that more than half of the victims are vulnerable road users including pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Four of the victims lost their lives after they were struck down while using the roadways. Another five of the accidents were collisions with vehicles or stationery items on the roadways.

While two accidents occurred due to failure to comply with road rules, such as stopping at intersections and traffic lights.

Whether lives are lost or not, those who are culpable are arrested in keeping with the law.

Accident investigations tend to take longer and suspects would be released on bail after spending 72-hour in detention.

Some charges come months later and if at all, possibly years later.

But with amendments to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, stricter penalties are now imposed. Errand drivers, particularly those who drink and drive can now face motor manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm charges.

The Guyana Police Force has embarked on several campaigns. Despite these efforts, accidents and deaths on the roadways persist.


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  1. habeeb says

    Lives don’t have value, meaning to some…. leaves devastated families, left to right to pick up the pieces and move on…. until the next accident and other families.

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