Man, stabbed to death at Paiyuka Falls


A Venezuelan man, only known as Frankie, was stabbed to death on Thursday at Paiyuka Falls, near the Puruni River.

Police Headquarters reported that Frankie was allegedly stabbed by Cane Vincent, a 24-year-old miner of South Rupununi, Region Nine, after they were involved in an altercation.

Based on investigations, both men worked for Reneeta Andrews, a miner.

At about 03:20 hrs, Vincent and his coworkers were imbibing at the site but he became intoxicated and soon fell asleep. It is alleged that Frankie hit Vicent in his head while he was sleeping in a hammock. Vincent woke up, armed himself with a knife and went to Frankie’s hammock, stabbing him four times in his back.

Frankie reportedly ran to his employer’s room, where he sought refuge but succumbed to his injuries soon after. A report was subsequently made to the Police.

Upon arrival at the scene, Police found Frankie lying face down on a mattress clad in a brown three-quarter pants. The man’s body was examined, and four stab wounds were seen to his back; two to his upper back and two to the mid section.

The scene was photographed and processed by the crime scene technician. The murder weapon was recovered at the scene.

The man’s body is presently being escorted to Bartica Regional Hospital.

Meanwhile, the suspect was arrested and remains in Police custody. An investigation is in progress.

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