Men to stand trial in high court for burning woman alive during robbery


By Malisa Playter Harry


A four-month preliminary inquiry into the murder of Anita Baichan concluded on August, 09, 2016.


Rooplall Abrahim of Rosignol Village West Bank Berbice and Gocoul Madanpaul aka Clown of 175 Block D Bath Settlement were charged on January 15, 2016 for the murder of Anita Baichan. They had appeared at the Fort Wellington Magistrate Court on the said date where the charge was read to them. Bail was refused. They were represented by Attorney-at-law Mursalin Bhaccus and were remanded to prison.

Dead: Anita Baichan
Dead: Anita Baichan

However, a Preliminary Inquiry was held before her worship Rondell Weaver which lasted for about four months and concluded on August 09, 2016 at the Blairmont Magistrate Court. Nine witnesses presented evidence on behalf of the state which included the son of the deceased, Moshim Khan who was aalso beaten and gagged. His mother later succumbed after being made a human torch at the hands of the accused.


After all the evidence was taken, the presiding magistrate ruled that a Prima Facie case be made against both the accused to answer to the charge of Murder. They were committed to stand trial in the Berbice High Court at a later date.


49- year-old Anita Baichan was bound, gagged and left to die in her home at Plantation Hope, West Coast Berbice after it was set alight by the accused. During the ordeal the men demanded cash and jewellery of which they escaped with $150,000 in cash.


Meanwhile Abrahim, was previously charged with the 2008 murder of 13- year-old Kavita Panday. He was 16 when he was charged.


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