Dr. Norton optimistic about returning as PNC/R’s Co-Vice Chairman


The Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) will from August 26 to 28 host its 19th Biennial Congress where the party’s leadership will lay out plans for the next two years and delegates will vote for the leaders from the lists of nominees.


Among the contenders for the party’s leadership, Dr George Norton who is going back for the post of Co-Vice Chairman which he currently occupies.


Norton who is currently the Minister of Public Health has come under the microscope recently in relation to a controversy over the rental of a storage bond for government medicine and medical supplies. However, he is optimistic that he will come out successful.


He is expected to present an apology to the National Assembly in relation to the matter on Friday, August 26, 2016.


Dr Norton is one of the 10 nominees vying for the post which is a shared one. He told News Room during an interview today that he is grateful for his political journey and promises to serve his party without fail.


“I hope that if I’m judged by my work in the past years that I would be re-elected,” the PNC/R member said.


According to Dr Norton, over the years his work with the party has been intense which took him to the rural parts of the country and which today helps him to be a much better Minister of Public Health. He added that the hard work has made his political career the interesting one that it is today.


“Regardless of whether I am returned as the Vice Chairman, I hope that I will be called upon again and I will volunteer to do whatever I could in those particular areas,” Dr. Norton said.


Dr Norton, who is an ophthalmologist, has been a member of the national assembly under the Peoples National Congress Reform since 2001.

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