Family feud blamed for Police constable taking own life


By Leroy Smith

Multiple sources including police personnel in Essequibo have confirmed that Special Constable, Shendal George committed suicide as a result of domestic issues.

It was noted that repeated attempts to assist the policewoman in addressing her domestic issues failed and on Thursday afternoon, (May 04, 2017), after receiving a telephone call at her worksite, she decided to end her own life.

The woman who is also a resident of the Essequibo Coast was at the time of her death stationed at the Caricom Rice Mills.

The police in a statement noted that sometime between 17:30and 17:45 hrs the Constable shot herself with a service revolver which was assigned to her for the execution of her duties.

The incident took place in the washroom of her workplace. It was disclosed that the woman who is usually stationed at the main gate, proceeded to the washroom after receiving the telephone call. Moments after, she was discovered dead in her uniform, the gun next to her body and blood oozing from a wound to the throat.

The police confirmed that five of the six live rounds she was issued with were recovered, as well a s a spent shell.

A post-mortem is to be performed on the remains on Monday, May 08, 2017.

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