Family demands thorough probe into death of fisherman


Scores of persons are demanding that the Police conduct a thorough investigation into the death of a fisherman whose lifeless body was brought to shore on Friday last.

Radesh Narine, 43, also known “Bonga” was allegedly beaten and taken to sea against his will where he died but crew members claimed that the man suffered a seizure and jumped overboard.

The fisherman resided at Alness Village, Berbice and on Sunday, residents gathered in the community to ensure the grieving family gets justice.

Relatives are suspicious of the story related by the crew members since Narine is not epileptic nor did he ever experience a seizure.

They also explained that the 43-year-old man had retired from fishing and had vowed to never return to sea, therefore, it was strange when they learnt that he had resumed the trade.

Residents are calling for justice.

News Room was told that earlier this month, two men forcefully collected Narine from a shop, beating and tugging him in the process.

The man was reportedly taken to a boat which was located at the Bush Lot Village Channel that leads to the sea.

“I ain’t know why them looking fuh he, I ain’t know if he take money from them or wha but what they saying about he catching fits not adding up. Something really happen deh,” said Jaidarie Narine, the brother of the dead fisherman.

Residents described Narine as a hard worker who would assist anyone in the community.

They explained that since he left the fishing work about three years ago he has been doing odd jobs in the community.

Radesh Narine lived in this house at Alness Village, Berbice

When the body was discovered, the crew members were briefly taken into police custody and released the same day.

However, amid public pressure, police rearrested the crew members along with the two men who allegedly beat Narine.

Five persons are currently in custody as the investigation continues.

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