6,000 acres of State lands for commercial, residential and Agri. purposes


The Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GL&SC) has developed a concept for the opening up of approximately 6,000 acres of State land for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural purposes in Region 4.

This was disclosed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the agency, Trevor Benn during a year-end press conference at Commission’s Durban backlands, Georgetown office on Monday.

Describing the project as “an upgrade of Georgetown,” Mr. Benn said the plot of land, which equates to 51% of the Georgetown land mass will be developed by public and private enterprises.

“We will advertise for bidders, using a particular design we have developed,” Mr Benn noted.

However, he did not disclose the exact location of the model community for fear of squatters occupying the land.

Mr. Benn explained that “every time we talk about a new development, squatters take it over and at this time we are not ready to announce.”

He further stated that the developers will have to meet certain design criteria specified by the Commission “because we cannot have any more roads where only one car can pass.”

“We want to make sure that we do not replicate what we call house lot schemes but to have real, forward looking land development schemes which would capture better roads and sidewalks and green spaces and a mix of business and commercial and residential lots so that we can really move into the 21st century in the way we design our facilities,” the Lands Commissioner said.

The CEO noted that there has been an increased interest in State lands for various purposes, especially in Region Four.

To address the increased interest, the GL&SC is working to repossess lands which were leased to persons but are not in use.

According to the CEO, over 60% of the Commission’s leases are non-performing.

“The Commission during the year published a list of clients who owe in excess of $100,000 in land rent. 12% of the defaulters responded,” he said.

However, he assured that persons will genuine issues which have affected their use of the lands, will be given an opportunity to explain.

Another issue being faced he said, is informal sub-letting and transfers of public lands which the commission is trying to discourage.

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