Berbice robbery: Mother, daughter shot; man gagged with cardboard


The Police in Berbice are investigating a robbery where a mother and her daughter were shot by bandits on Christmas Eve.

Sixty-year-old Angela Khedaroo and her daughter Alicia Grimmond 49, of Patrick Dam, Angoys Avenue were in the process of closing their small grocery shop in front of their house when Khedaroo was confronted by a lone gunman who demanded she hand over cash and valuables.

Khedaroo said it was approximately 22:30hrs and after relaxing for a few minutes, she was greeted with a gun to the face.

The grocery shop in front the family’s house

“I say I don’t have any money but he didn’t want hear that he continue asking for the money so when he put the gun to me again I push it away.”

The gunman then shot her to the arm after which Alicia ran to her mother’s assistance and she too was shot to the arm.

A second gunman then joined his accomplice and went inside the house where they found Alicia’s huband, Monty Lynch and forced him to lie on the floor.

They gagged his mouth with cardboard and bound his hands behind his back.

“One of them come in and holler ‘where the money and gold.’

“I seh we ain’t get nothing… then a next one come and seh tie he up. So he stuff cardboard in my mouth and then tie it,” a traumatized Lynch recalled.

The bandits ransacked the house and escaped with a gold ring and cell phone.

The women were taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital for medical attention.

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