Update: Second woman dies in ECD accident, teen loses fingers


A 59-year-old woman has become the second person to die following a horrific accident on the Success Public Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD) Sunday morning.

Patricia Ellis of Haslington, ECD died while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital, Police Headquarters revealed.

Ellis was a passenger in minibus BTT 4910 when the speeding driver lost control, crashed into the median in the center of the road and toppled several times before coming to a halt on the other side of the road at around 07:30hrs.

Denise Culley, 58, a mother of three, of 89 Vigilance, ECD died on the spot; one of her arms and other body parts were severed.

Also injured in the accident are 7-year-old Jaden Miffatt, a student of Golden Grove Primary School; Laffanna Williams, a 22-year-old Police Constable of lot 175 Haslington, ECD; 60-year-old June Abel of lot 8 Good Hope, ECD; 38-year-old Wayne Blair of lot 38 Fernandez Street, Golden Grove, ECD and 17-year-old Jordon Beaton of Golden Grove, ECD who lost several fingers.

Beaton is undergoing surgery at a private city hospital.

According to a police statement, the minibus driver claimed that a blue motorcar collided with his left rear wheel causing him to lose control and collide with the median in the center of the road.

As a result, Culley, a vendor was flung out of the minibus and ended up on the northern carriageway. The minibus then landed on Culley’s body and skidded for some distance before it came to a halt.

The vehicle was turned over and the lifeless body of Culley was removed.

Ellis was among other passengers who were picked up by public-spirited citizens and taken to Georgetown Public Hospital where she succumbed.

The other passengers are said to be conscious awaiting treatment, suffering from laceration about their bodies.

Police said the driver is in custody assisting with investigations. However, eyewitnesses earlier related that the driver escaped the scene while another person turned himself over to the police.

An investigation is ongoing.

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