Body of driver trapped inside truck hours after accident on Lethem/Linden trail


Police are in the process of sourcing equipment to cut the cabin of a wood-laden truck to remove the body of 35-year-old Anil Persaud of Norton Street, Georgetown, who died after descending Devil Hill on the Lethem/Linden trail on Wednesday afternoon.

Police Headquarters revealed that three others who were inside the truck have been admitted to the Linden Hospital Complex; they have been identified as Dexter Robert, the porter; Shevrin Sutherland and Carlos Romerio, who is a Venezuelan national.

The Police said the truck was proceeding north climbing the hill and at the top of the hill, the truck’s trailer which was loaded with 40ft and 20ft logs, began to plunge downward.

The driver tried to change gear and turned right, however, this caused the heavy leaden vehicle to topple.

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