Update: Taxi driver killed over fare


A 61-year-old mother is mourning the death of her only son who was killed on Tuesday night at Cemetery Road, Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara.

Forty-two-year-old Owen Lynch, a taxi driver, was stabbed to death by passengers he picked up at Sophia, Greater Georgetown and transported to Mocha Arcadia. The incident occurred at about 21:45hrs, according to the Police.

Coreen Hilliman told the News Room at her  Stevedore Housing Scheme, Georgetown home that her son got into an argument with two passengers after they refused to pay $2,500 for their drop.

“He is a man who does tell you he don’t play with [his] money… He does tell you his money is for his children,” the grieving mother told the News Room on Wednesday.

Lynch was plying his trade with motor car # PRR 3313, a black Toyota IST from Swift Cab at Lot 6 Dennis Street, Turkeyen, Sophia.

He has two children, ages 6 and 10 years old.

The taxi driver’s car was left at the scene

Hilliman said the last person to hear from her son was the dispatcher at the taxi base.

“He radioed the base and tell them that the guy don’t want to pay the drop off fee. So the lady at the base said she told him to come back if they do not want to pay the fee, put them off and come back…and she ain’t hear nothing more from he,” the mother told the News Room.

Hilliman said no one else is aware of what transpired after that communication, however, reports are that Lynch got into an argument with the passengers over the fare and armed himself with an ice pick which he used to stab one of the men when the fight erupted resulting in his death.

The area where the body was found [News Room photo]
Police said an ice pick was found at the crime scene along with Lynch’s phone and other personal items, including the car.

Hilliman said she received a call just at 21:00hrs from Lynch’s girlfriend who informed her that several calls to Lynch’s phone were unanswered.

“When she do get an answer, is the Police telling her to come down at Providence Station because the owner of the phone get [stabbed],” the mother.

Coreen Hilliman

Upon their arrival at the Providence Police Station, they were told to wait but after insisting, they were taken to the area where Lynch was killed.

“There I see my son lying,” Hilliman said.

She said it is unclear of what transpired but her son worked with the Swift taxi service for some two years and never had an issue with passengers.

The body is presently at Lyken’s Funeral Home awaiting an autopsy. Police said no arrests have been made thus far.

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