Brazil teen who left home to party in Lethem found dead with multiple stab wounds


A Brazillian teenager who left home on December 20 to party with his friends in Lethem has been found dead with multiple stab wounds about his body.

He has been identified as Oduan Macio Silva, 16, a student of Bom Fim, Brazil.

His body was found on Christmas afternoon on the foreshore of the Takatu river, on the Guyana side,

The body was decomposed but the teen’s mother identified him from the tattoos on his feet and hand.

The body was clad with only a black short pants which was below his knee; the body was discovered floating facing upwards.

Stab wounds were seen to right side neck, left side upper chest and lower right side abdomen.

A man named Jefferson Da Silva told the teen’s mother that he and two others were playing football in Bom Fim on December 20 and went home at about 18:00 hrs.

The mother further stated that she received information that her son and two others left for Lethem at about 19:00 hrs the same day, but she never saw him after that.

She had made a report to the Police in Bom Fim and had set out to conduct searches in Bom Fim and Lethem when the body was discovered.

No one has been arrested.

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