Early morning flooding leaves Little Diamond residents reeling

- House to House assessment ongoing


Residents of Little Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) grappled with floodwaters in their homes after there was a breach at the nearby dam on Sunday morning and then again on Monday morning.

When the News Room visited the area on Monday, dozens of residents were attempting to clear the muddy water from their homes. It is understood that the breach occurred where a koker is currently being constructed.

Bibi Zoreena, who lives next to the incomplete koker, said that all of her household appliances, furniture and clothes were damaged.

She lamented that after the early morning flooding on Sunday, the residents asked the construction workers at the koker to address the situation. The residents, according to Zoreena, were verbally abused and chased.

According to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), approximately 100 households were affected; residents sustained damages to property and supplies. Cleaning hampers were distributed to some residents on Sunday.

Earlier on Monday morning, officials from the Ministries of Housing and Water, including the subject Ministers, also visited the affected area.

Currently, officers of the CDC and Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) are conducting a house-to-house assessment.

Importantly, the contractors are working to repair the breach since a high tide is expected this afternoon and early tomorrow morning.

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