IPED unveils bust in Dr. Yesu Persaud’s honour; salutes his contribution to business development


The Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED) on Wednesday unveiled a life-sized bust of Dr. Yesu Persaud, who is the Founding Chairman of IPED and served the institution from October 1985 to January 2018.

Dr. Persaud is a chartered accountant and a master entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to recreating and nurturing the small and micro business sector in Guyana. His vision led to the creation of IPED and his leadership has ensured improved livelihoods and sustainable micro and small enterprises for over 4000 entrepreneurs across Guyana.

The unveiling of the bust, sculpted by Guyanese artist Mr. Ivor Thom, was held at IPED’s headquarters, South Road, Georgetown, and was attended by several high ranking officials including the Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh; the Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr. K. J. Srinivasa; Members of the Private Sector including immediate past CEO of IPED and now Managing Director of DDL Mr. Ramesh Persaud; members of the IPED Board of Directors; other special invitees.

Mr. Jagedesh Harriprashad, CEO of IPED (ag), in his welcoming remarks, said “Dr. Yesu Persaud served us for thirty-three of the 35 years of IPED’S existence as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Today, IPED has 96 team members and 14 offices around Guyana where we serve our country, improving livelihoods and building sustainable micro and small enterprises.”

Mr. Harriprashad added, “The unveiling of this life-sized bust is in honour of Dr. Persaud’s vision, his love for country and community, his service to micro and small entrepreneurs, and his leadership here at IPED.”

Immediate past CEO of IPED, Mr. Ramesh Persaud, in his remarks at the ceremony said, “Dr. Persaud’s great desire of helping people to help themselves is why the Institute of Private Enterprise Development Limited exists today. IPED was created to ensure that micro and small business entrepreneurs improve their livelihoods by building sustainable enterprises.”

Immediate past CEO of IPED, Mr. Ramesh Persaud

He further expressed that, “IPED is one small part of the greater accomplishments of Dr. Persaud’s lIfetime but I will claim unreservedly, it is one of the most meaningful contributions of his, as IPED is sustainable and will grow to benefit many more generations to come.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPED, Mr. Komal Samaroo, sent best wishes to Mr Persaud, read by Persaud.  He said, “Dr Persaud led the growth of IPED to what it is today. His tireless and persistent efforts to get subscribers initially, and to attract international institutions such as Pan-American Development Foundation, Canadian Foundation for International Training, CIDA and USAID, to buy into the concept and vision, and provide support must always be remembered, as this laid the foundation on which to build the Institute[IPED].”

The featured presentation was done by Dr Singh, who said, “In the very early days when the language of micro-enterprising was very new and people didn’t even know what it meant, Dr. Yesu Persaud spotted the potential for small loans to be provided to new and emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs and saw the tremendous impact that can have in promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and helping small businesses to grow and to emerge.”

Minister Singh remarked that, “Dr. Persaud is a shining example of what pushing the frontier and testing the boundaries can achieve. He is a shining example of what can be done if we are prepared to innovate and to make things happen. That approach to life and that philosophy I am particularly pleased to say is not only demonstrated in Dr. Persaud’s attitude to business and commercial activities but also to public life and issues of national importance.”

Dr. Yesu Persaud in his remarks to the gathering said, “Let me say thank you very much to the Board of Directors for setting up this event today, I am very honoured. Over the years I have done many things in my life and since my return to Guyana one of my major accomplishments was rallying for the business community and challenging governments for the rights of business people and that is something that should never be forgotten.”

He added, “I have had the honour of working with some of the greatest minds in Guyana to help build our business sector, ensuring that businesses were able to realize their potential and become what they are today. The work was never easy, but it was needed, so that all Guyanese, no matter their geographical location could live better lives and be able to provide for their families. We must continue on our upward trajectory especially as Guyana is on the brink of economic prosperity.”

The bust remains on display in the lobby of IPED’s headquarters on South Road, Georgetown. (Modified press release).

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