Albion businessman arrested for ‘breach of curfew’


An Albion, Corentyne, Berbice businessman who is the proprietor of Food Court Restaurant and Bar was Saturday arrested at around 21:35 hrs for allegedly breaching the curfew.

According to a police report, a party of policemen on patrol duty in the Albion Station District observed a large number of vehicles parked on both sides of the Albion Public Road along with a large crowd within and around the restaurant and bar.

As a result, the ranks immediately went to the proprietor and ordered him to close his doors and disperse the crowd.

He was arrested and escorted to the Albion Police Station and placed into custody for breaching the Emergency Guidelines by hosting a social activity beyond the stipulated 21:30hrs as well as other breaches.

He was later released on bail and is scheduled for court on September 21, 2021.

Police said the location was highlighted to the Regional Commander during an outreach on Wednesday last as a prime spot where night shift sugar workers are being robbed whenever they are passing to head to or from the estate.

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