Health Ministry awaiting procurement of tablets to treat COVID-19 – Dr Anthony


With the Ministry of Health recording new COVID-19 infections daily, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony says the Government of Guyana is still relying on the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to procure paxlovid tablets to treat the disease.

Dr Anthony was giving his daily COVID-19 update when he revealed that Guyana is relying on UNICEF to procure the tablets.

“We have been working with UNICEF. They have a global agreement with Pfizer and through that agreement we were hoping to get paxlovid at a much discounted rate.”

“So far, I don’t think UNICEF has been able to source any of the paxlovid but we remain optimistic,” Dr Anthony said.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony (DPI, 2022)

Developed by Pfizer, Paxlovid is an oral antiviral medication that was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in December of 2021 and is recommended to be given to persons as soon as they are diagnosed with COVID-19 and within five days of them developing symptoms of the disease.

It starts combating the COVID-19 virus once it is taken.

The average cost for a treatment course is US$530. However, Guyana will get a discount. The Minister said that it is difficult to source the medication, hence, UNICEF through its partnership with Pfizer will be able to get the tablets.

Guyana has 100 active COVID-19 cases with some 19 being recorded in over the period of 24 hrs. 206 tests were conducted, the Minister said.

In the meantime, Guyana has started using a COVID-19 treatment drug, baricitinib to help treat some hospitalised patients who were experiencing the more severe symptoms of COVID-19.

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