Firemen injured, millions lost as fire rips through Charity Market


Millions of dollars in groceries and hardware items went up in flames Thursday night when fire engulfed the Charity Market in Region Two (Pomeroon Supenaam).

The origin of the fire which started just after 19:00hrs remains unknown.

The blaze was contained just before midnight but not before it had destroyed dozens of stalls and beauty shops.

There were reports of at least one firefighter being injured and scores of residents who rushed to the scene initially forming a bucket brigade were later accused of looting.

Shortly after the fire started, the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) issued a press statement.

It was explained that two fire tenders were battling the blaze.

“At this time, we also have to report that one of our officers received a mild electrical shock during firefighting activities. He was taken to the hospital and treated. Additionally, another rank was also injured at the scene and required medical attention,” the fire service disclosed.

Vendors, many in tears, watched helplessly as their livelihoods went up in flames.

In 2021, the government spent $30 million for the rehabilitation of the Charity market.

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