Linden man leads police on high-speed chase; nabbed with 3lbs ganja, ammunition


Anti-crime patrol ranks arrested a Linden, Region Ten man on Friday with almost three pounds of marijuana and ammunition.

A statement from Police Headquarters noted that just after 05:00hrs, ranks received information that the driver of motor car PAC 6822, which was being driven by Dexter Cameron, also known as Dexter McCalmont, age 29,  of Block 22, Wismar, Linden, was carrying a firearm and large quantity of Narcotics.

As such, all patrols were alerted, and they intercepted the car at the four corners of One Mile Wismar.

On seeing the Police ranks, the driver drove off at a fast rate along the One Mile public road. The ranks gave chase behind him and managed to intercept him along the route to Bucktown, Wismar.

The ranks then escorted the driver to the Mackenzie Police Station where the Detective Inspector searched the motor car in the presence and full view of McCalmont.

Two suspected live 9mm ammunition was found under the driver’s seat. A bulky haversack was also found near the front passenger seat, which contained one black plastic parcel with several transparent Ziploc bags, all containing a number of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be Cannabis.

The bag also contained $48,900 (Guyana currency). A further search was done, and $911,500 (Guyana currency) in $5000, $2000, $1000, and $50 notes, along with £30 and US$5 were found in the pocket between the driver and passenger seat.

He was told of the offences committed, cautioned, and he admitted ownership of the narcotics but denied any knowledge of the ammunition found. The suspected narcotics amounted to 3 lbs (equivalent to 1,360.777 grams) when weighed.

The suspect was placed in custody pending investigations and charges.

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