Ganja worth $3.8M destroyed at Ebini Backdam


Two cannabis farms at the Ebini Backdam, near the Berbice River, were destroyed on Tuesday by Police Officers.

Police Headquarters reported that the first farm was approximately two acres in size, with plants ranging from two feet to six feet. At this farm, more than 8,000 plants were destroyed; those narcotics had a street value of about $2.9 million.

At the other farm, which was about 200 metres away, there were about 5,000 marijuana plants. Those plants had a street value of about $847,000.

The camp that was torched

Police said the cannabis plants were extracted from the soil and set on fire.

There was also a makeshift camp made of wooden posts and black and white plastic. The camp had two hammocks, a mattress, kitchen utensils and a quantity of groceries. The camp was also torched.

So far, no one has been arrested.

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