Attempted execution of Sophia businesswoman possibly linked to murder case


Investigators are pursuing “all leads” in two shooting incidents that occurred at Sophia, which left three persons wounded within hours, Police Commander, Simon McBean told the News Room on Saturday.

Among the leads, McBean said is the “rumour” that one of the victims, the 34-year-old businesswoman, may have been targeted because she is a witness in the 2021 murder of Jaleel Leow, a mechanic who was gunned down in her shop.

The senior cop said detectives are yet to interview the businesswoman since she sustained gunshot injuries to her mouth.

The businesswoman and her husband sustained gunshot injuries after three gunmen opened fire on them on Thursday night at their ‘B’ Field, Sophia, Georgetown house.

The husband told the Police that he observed when an unknown black-tinted car stopped in front of the shop and three men, all armed with handguns and faces covered with masks, exited.

He said the suspects first approached his wife who was sitting outside the shop and discharged several rounds before they escaped.

The husband, who was inside the shop, received two gunshot injuries to his upper back, while his wife received gunshot injuries to the right side face, two to her right arm, and one to her left elbow.

Hours after, a 39-year-old vendor was also shot in the same area by a man, who allegedly tried to set his house on fire.

According to the Police report, the victim was sleeping when he was awoken by the smell of smoke; upon checking, he saw smoke at the southern side of his house.

And when he opened the door, he was confronted by an unidentifiable man.

The southern door of the house was scorched.

Police Headquarters had reported that Leow, a 21-year-old mechanic of Dennis Street, Campbellville, Georgetown was shot multiple times on August 3, 2021, by two gunmen known as “Big John” or “Double Clip” and “Brainer.”

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