With innovative products and big surprises, businesses gear up for Building Expo


Corporate sponsors for the Guyana International Building Exposition 2023 are gearing up to highlight the country’s rapid infrastructural transformation with over 70 per cent of the booth spaces already purchased.

The highly anticipated event will give patrons the opportunity to meet with businesses and on Monday, Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal met with sponsors and exhibitors to provide an update on the planning and organisation of the expo.

During the visit to the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara, the Minister told the News Room that businesses will soon start placing banners and designs on their booths as the event draws closer.

“We do have a few slots available in the main auditorium… those are where we have the cubicles, the isles are all gone and these will be air-conditioned.

“Preparations are well on track for this expo…We have an area for small business so we’ve taken out the craft portion and added in small business,” Minister Croal said.

Some 380 local and international companies are expected to participate in the exposition slated for August 24- 27 under the theme: ‘Building For All: One Guyana, Many Opportunities’.

Just two weeks ago the minister visited the location where a massive globe to highlight Guyana’s progress was taking shape and during  Monday’s visit, most of the work was near completion.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal met with sponsors and exhibitors to provide an update on the planning and organisation of the expo.

Croal said the ministry considered several ways it can improve the expo which saw over 100,000 people in attendance last year.

This year, the expo starts immediately after the opening ceremony and businesses were informed of an extra day which will be facilitated if patrons and the businesses themselves request it.

As was done previously, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA)’s ‘Dream Realised’ exercise will also be conducted at the expo but with a specific focus on Regions Four and Three. Croal reminded that beneficiaries are contacted about the exercise and said more persons will be contacted very soon.

Houses will also be on display including a model for the Silica City.

During the visit, several sponsors including Unicomers shared major plans and surprises that patrons can expect. Ulander Leitch, the Business Solution Manager said a special addition to the company’s local services will be launched at the expo.

Unicomers is a platinum sponsor and currently offers products from its brands: Ashley Furniture, Courts and Courts Optical.

“In a nutshell, Courts Business Solutions will be bridging the gap for clients.

“We are going to be commercialised items where we know that that’s a lack in the industry right now. Most persons would have to source their commercial items outside and bring them in themselves. So we have created solutions that are going to tailor and curb some of the challenges that the corporate clients experienced,” Leitch said.

Houses being constructed for display at the International Building Expo

Meanwhile, BlockOn, a partnership construction company between New Century developers will provide persons with the necessary tools to not only construct their homes but also make access to contractors easier. Last year the company saw massive success with the introduction of friendly low-income houses made from 100 per cent recycled plastic. Speaking with the media, Alphonso De Armas related that some 20 houses have since been constructed here.

The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) will have a similar promotion as last year with its drive home loan campaign which caters to persons looking to build new homes or renovate their current houses.

“There are also loans for home improvements. We have lower interest rates. So persons wishing to do that can visit us online visit any of our branches, talk to our loan officers, the requirements are very simple.

“We will have our experienced team on the ground to be able to pre-approve you,” the Business Development Manager, Rowarrie Mohandeo said.

Some other sponsors include ENet, Torginol, Machine Tech Guyana, GTT, Gafoors, Kee-Chenona Guyana, Republic Bank, Toolsie Persaud Ltd, New Century Developers, South Atlantic Logistic and General Services, R&G Bacchus Mining Inc., Collin Talbot Construction, Puran Brothers and Green Building.

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